Game Director


Daniel Duarte

Creator, programmer, designer of the Vaults. If there are any questions or concerns, contact


Art Director


Ric Lafollette

Art, web, film, game designer. Ric does it all in the world of art.



John Parham

A shout out to John’s tutorials, they helped me design the game where it is and taught me lots along the way. See his site here

Daniel Duarte

me again




There were several artists that helped this game come about.


Card and Cutscene Creator – Great talent and great understanding for achieving what you like.  You can see more of his work here.

Chris Gooding and Gaston Muyano

Animators – They have great abilities to bring static images to life.

Dean Spencer

Character Card Art – Makes you feel like you are teleported into another land when you see Dean’s Art. See it for yourself here.



Several of the songs used in the game are by a couple talented artists. One of which being Ean Grimm and the other named Alexander Nakarada (
Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

Check Alexander’s music out here!




Steven Duarte

Coder, gamer, and play tester.  Steven helps with finding and sourcing out the cause of issues before hitting the masses.

Chris Erickson

Chris is a gamer who is partnered on Facebook. His technical expertise and knowledge of games sheds light on gameplay and issues.

Geoff Cleeve

Play tester and gamer enthusiast. Geoff aids in helping with game concepts and play through flow.

Andrew Schultz

A special shout out to a discord mate who helped report bugs and general feedback on game experience!