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Screen Overview


Screen Overview

First things first – look at the image below. That is the gameplay portion you will be staring out for most of your life from now on. Let’s get to know it well. Firstly at the start of the game you will get 3 vault keepers who will do your bidding. You will use Scrolls on them and then attack with them.

In the below screenshot you will see the different parts of the gameplay screen. This is the different sections of the gameplay and can be referenced during the game.


Card Overview


Card Overview

There are 2 types of Scroll cards that can be played – Tactical and Retribution. They also contain Sub types which describe the card further.

Some Scroll types are Blessings and Curses denoted by the these icons:



Damage Dealt works like this

  • Onslaught damage deals direct damage to health
  • Spell damage deals direct damage to temper then health
  • Physical damage deals damage to power and temper then the left over to the health

The different parts of the scrolls are the same and both are used the same way – As described by the card. If it is a targeting card then drag and drop the card you would like to target if it is not a target then it will activate when you drop on the battlefield anywhere.

The text frame denotes the rarity by colour as scene in the below graphic

Common Exceptional
Exquisite Legendary
Vault Keepers


The Vault Keepers

The Vault Keepers are your minions that you will equip, level up, and train to do your bidding.

They have stats – Health Points, Power, Temper, and Cultivation.  Health Points are there health – keep it above 0 and you keep them alive.  Power is there ability to attack and defend.  Temper prevents additional damage, such as, physical and spell damage done to the Vaults Keeper. Cultivation increases ethereal generation per turn for every point the Keeper has.




The attacking creature deals its power in damage to the target’s stats depending on the type of damage dealt. See Card Overview for more information on how damage is dealt.

The target will then respond with a counter attack. Damage is done in the same manner as a normal attack.

When A keeper attacks they cannot cultivate the following turn – so that keeper will not provide ethereal for you at the beginning of that turn if you attack with it.




There are different items in the game that will help you empower your keeper. These are out of match items that can be used/equiped.

Vital Manna – Heals keepers to full life.

Insight Manna – Provides an Additional 10% boost to Keeper’s experience gains.

Armaments – Equip your keeper to gain an advantage by boosting its stats and help with your strategy during the gameplay.

Vocational Scrolls- This will teach your Vault Keeper a Vocation as stated on the card. It will change its stats permanently and will forget its previous Vocation.

and many more items to find!




Train your Keepers into specialized disciplines called vocations.  Each vocation had their own special abilities granted at level 10!


Level 10 ability:

LongShot – 50% chance to dodge a counter attack


Level 10 Ability:

Reflect – When dealt damage from an attack, deal spell damage back to the attack equal to the Magi’s Power.


Level 10 ability:

Guardian – Enemies must attack creature’s with Guardian before attacking others.


Level 10 ability:

Endurance – Can attack and still cultivate the following turn.






NFT Items 

Players can “Transfigure” NFT tokens in their Enjin wallets and get a random item exclusively for NFTs and it will bind to that item till it is removed from your wallet or your wallet is removed from your account via the app.

Add your wallet via the Enjin Generated QR Code

download the Enjin Wallet App on your phone from

close the game Add Wallet Window and your wallet will be added.

The Marketplace has NFT Tokens where you can get specific NFT with the ENJ and JENJ token.

Mainnet – Vaults Mainnet

Jumpnet – Vaults Jumpnet

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