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The Legend


Present Day Worlds


This land is believed to be the center of the universe. Out of it are cosmic bridges that breathe life to all inhabited worlds.  Beings of around the universe have found a way to use these bridges to travel to and from Alexandria to obtain resources and ancient scrolls that are housed in hidden vaults scattered throughout. The Land is diverse with forests and rivers to wastelands and canyons.


Main inhabitants are Humans and Dwarves and they share the world with mammoths and beasts, insects and snakes. The Land is made up of mostly Rock and dirt with one ocean but many rivers and lakes. To the east are mountainous areas and to the west flatlands and swamps – the north to the south are valleys and hills which are settled by humans mainly.



Mainly home to an elven population. Over half of the world is covered in a forest called Lorandria. The other quarter is populated Elven Cities and Kingdoms and the other quarter is water and arctic tundra. It is said to be enchanted with large beasts that live off of the large trees. Not many dare to tread in the forests as not many are known to return from there alive. There is a known race of elves, known as wood elves that are thought to exist within the forest but none have been seen and only myths from ancient stories. The Highbourn kingdom makes up the other part of Alevia. It is controlled by the Tyrant Hatus. The Highbourn monarchy has always been crude and selfish, always take from and never give back to the people. This has caused many squashed revolutions and revolting groups. One, fleeing, revolting faction known as The Arctic Fox.


Ancient History of the Worlds



The world has always been a lush and diverse world, but in ancient times the vaults were administered by a group of creatures called The Keepers. They were created for the task of watching over the Vaults.



Gradonic Humans used to be in separate colonies warring continuously, each lead by a captain, these captain’s wielded great weapons and powers, there were said to be immortal…obviously that was not the case. Blackmourn Dwarves have always tried to stay away from the conflict of the humans but sometimes it couldn’t be avoided. They loved clockwork and invention. They even dabbled in science and forging weapons and armor from time to time.



Alevia used to be a magical cornucopia. Elves of different types used to live in peace amongst each other. One race of Elf – the reverie – (highly intelligent and apt in magic and science) had vanished from the world right around the time that the world started to plunge into chaos. The plunge was around the time where the Highbourn line appeared into the histories.


Races Of Present Day

The Keepers

Really not known as a race but more of beings or creatures that are able to inately absorb and cultivate the resources of Alexandria, this is how they are trained to fight. No one is clear on their true identity, or if they even have one. The form that they appear to take the most is of a shadowy creature. Adorned with a large cloak weaved together by the Cherubim. Their eyes are as if you were to look down a deep well. In between they have a long, thin beak which matches their pale skin and runs just past their chin. Even though it may be hard to see because of the cloak, keepers wear dark attire as well which covers the rest of their body.

Gradonic Humans and Dwarves

Gradonic Humans are separated by 2 factions. The Maji and The Tassine. The Maji who live to the north love magic and are more keen on it then their rival tribe. The Tassine to the south engage in tactical warfare and use the knowledge passed down from their ancestors. The dwarves live in the mountains to the east. They separate themselves from the humans as much as they can but are not afraid to interact and trade when it is requested or needed. The Gradonic Dwarves are ruled by a wise king who takes interest in clockwork and sciences as a lot of other dwarves do. Dispute over land or goods between the southern, Tassine, and the northern, Maji, is not uncommon but will rarely need to go to war to settle their differences.


Various scrolls are hidden which if found can grant the bearer with great power. When spoken the scrolls use an amount of ethereal to use.  This ethereal is extracted from atmosphere by keepers although some scrolls will grant the ability to extract the ethereal for a time – not much is known about the substance – but that it in large quantity can be devastating with certain scrolls.


There are many armaments, gems, resources, and other items scattered and hidden throughout the land.

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